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QUIZ: Royal Princess Academy Quiz

If you were a Royal Princess, what kind would you be? Take this quiz to find out. Compare notes with friends and have fun!

Read each question, and choose the best answer.

1) When you get home after a long day at the Royal Princess Academy, the first thing you do is...

Relax with glittery ball gown fashion magazines
Practice jousting with the knights in the Royal courtyard
Bake pumpkin coach cookies with your best friends
Settle into the Royal Library with a book on your favorite magical creatures

2) Your favorite color is...

Lime green
Tangerine orange
Sparkly pink
Ocean blue

3) Your best friend Rapunzel needs to be rescued from a tall tower. You...

Climb the tower using your rock-climbing gear and rescue her on your own
Build a very tall ladder out of woven branches so she can climb down
Gather your friends and come up with a plan together
Call your fairy godmother

4) Your favorite fairy tale is...

Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty

5) Your fairy godmother wants to give you a birthday wish! What do you wish for?

A diamond and ruby tiara
A beautiful singing voice
To be able to fly
World peace

6) If you got to pick your own new Princess name, you would choose...


7) The King and Queen are finally letting you get a new pet! You choose...

A puppy
A unicorn
A kitten
A dragon

8) Your favorite Princess outfit is...

Your fancy party gown and sparkly tiara
Your soccer uniform and cleats
Your pajamas and fuzzy dragon slippers
Your cool handmade dress and the scarf you knitted

9) Time for the Kingdom's Annual Dog Show! Which of your dogs do you bring this year?

Your Chihuahua, Lola
Your Poodle, Fifi
Your Chocolate Lab, Atticus
Your French bulldog, Pierre

10) Your favorite Royal Dessert is...

Glittery fairy dust cupcakes
Ice cream with candy star sprinkles on top
Juicy, sweet strawberries
Melt-y, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies

11) At the Royal Ball, you are usually dancing...

Alone in the center of a cheering circle, with all eyes on you
Crazy and wild, spinning and jumping
In a big group, singing along, with all of your friends
In your imagination, while reading your favorite story

12) What is your favorite princess-y quality?


13) Describe your dream Castle home...

In a land far away

14) Your favorite hideout at the Royal Princess Academy is...

In the Princesses' Picnic lunchroom
On the Great Stage, practicing your acting techniques and dance moves
A cozy armchair in the Royal Library
In the Kingdom's Most Dangerous Animals Zoo (students not allowed!)

15) Your favorite sport in the Royal Princess Academy Olympics is...

The High Jump
The Relay Race

16) When you grow up, you most want to...

Star in a movie
Be an adventurer
Help other people
Write a book

17) On the walls of your Royal Bedroom are...

Famous paintings
Signed posters of celebrities
Maps of far-away countries
Photos of your friends

18) Your favorite dish at the Kingdom's Annual Feast is...

The Queen's Mac-and-Cheese
The Court Chef's BBQ Hamburgers
The King's California Rolls
Your Fairy Godmother's Fried Frogs' Legs

19) Princesses are leaders and risk-takers. You are most likely to take a risk by...

Starting a new fashion trend among princesses
Sliding across home plate, just before the catcher gets the ball, to win the game
Signing up for the All-School Singing contest
Introducing yourself to the new girl at the Academy and inviting her to sit with you and your friends.

20) At home in the Royal Castle, you like to sleep...

On a huge bed with lots and lots of pillows, and NO PEAS!
Snuggled up with your favorite stuffed unicorn
After reading your favorite Fairy Tale book with a flashlight under the covers
With the window open so you can hear your pet dragon fly by the castle

Now, you're ready to discover your inner Royal Princess!