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QUIZ: How To Find Your Inner Dino

If you were a dino, what kind would you be? Take this quiz to find out. Compare notes with friends and have fun!

Read each question, and choose the best answer.

1) Your favorite color is...


2) If it were up to you, you would come home from school and...

raid the pantry for a snack
kick off your shoes and sprawl on the couch to draw or read
go play outside
ask your mom if you can go to a friend's house

3) Your favorite kind of dog is...

a Siberian Husky
a Chihuahua
a Labrador Retriever
a Beagle

4) You can pick what game to play at recess. You choose...

a game with lots of running and jumping
an imaginary game that you made up
the playground equipment so you can play with everyone

5) In the morning, you...

jump out of bed ready for action
immediately open the book by your bed
pull the covers over your head and hope your mom will think you're still asleep
cuddle with your dog, cat, or favorite stuffed animal

6) Your dream house is...

a castle
a cabin in the mountains
a city high rise apartment on the top floor
a beach house

7) If you got to choose what to do for vacation, you'd choose...

white water rafting
a ski trip
a tropical island vacation

8) If you got to redo your room, you'd...

put posters everywhere
paint the sky over your bed
paint the walls your favorite color
create a giant bulletin board with photos of your friends

9) Fill in the blank. I wish...

I had super strength
I could fly
I could be invisible
I had a fairy godmother

10) Your idea of adventure is...

going on a wild animal safari
travelling to exotic places
getting to meet the members of your favorite band or sports team
starring in a movie

Now, you're ready to discover your inner dino!

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